Radio Frequency

Radio frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) is a gentle non-invasive technique using a round, metallic probe that emits heat to help tighten and lift the skin, enhance lymphatic drainage and improve the tone and hydration of skin.

This effective, painless technique heats the tissue at a deeper level stimulating the collagen and elastin producing cells and the outcome is a tighter, younger, more youthful looking complexion making it an ideal treatment for jowels, and loose skin of the face and neck improving skin contours.

This is an alternative treatment for those who are not fond of needles.

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Treatment List

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Specialist Facial Consultation
Radio Frequency (Skin Tightening) (45 mins)
Radio Frequency (Course of 8)

How does radio frequency skin tightening work on the face?

Radio frequency skin tightening on the face works by delivering controlled heat energy to the deeper layers of the skin. This heat stimulates collagen production, which leads to tighter, firmer skin and a more youthful appearance.

Is radio frequency skin tightening on the face safe?

Yes, radio frequency skin tightening on the face is considered safe. It is a non-invasive procedure that has been extensively studied and approved by regulatory authorities for its effectiveness and safety.

Are there any side effects or downtime associated with radio frequency skin tightening on the face?

Most clients find radio frequency (RF) skin tightening on the face to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. It is often described as feeling similar to a hot stone massage. The treatment is generally well-tolerated.

There is typically no downtime associated with RF skin tightening on the face, allowing clients to resume their regular activities immediately.

Moreover, combining radio frequency skin tightening with CACI Classic facials can be a brilliant combination. CACI facials, known for their muscle toning and skin rejuvenation benefits, can complement the results of RF skin tightening, further enhancing the overall outcome. It creates a comprehensive treatment approach that addresses multiple aspects of facial rejuvenation.

How many sessions of radio frequency skin tightening on the face are needed for optimal results?

The number of sessions needed for optimal results may vary depending on individual factors such as skin condition and treatment goals. Generally, a series of 8 treatments spaced several weeks apart is recommended.

Can radio frequency skin tightening on the face be combined with other treatments?

Yes, radio frequency skin tightening on the face can be combined with other cosmetic treatments such as facial rejuvenation procedures, dermal fillers, peels, Hydra Facials, micro-needling and CACI treatments. This combination approach can enhance and customise your overall results.

RF skin tightening on the face is a comfortable and enjoyable procedure for most clients, and when combined with CACI Classic facials, it can provide a synergistic effect to achieve optimal skin tightening and rejuvenation results.

How soon can I see results from radio frequency skin tightening on the face?

Many individuals start noticing improvements in skin tightness and firmness shortly after their first few sessions. However, the full effects of radio frequency skin tightening may take several weeks to develop as collagen production gradually increases.

Does radio frequency skin tightening on the face work for all skin types?

Yes, radio frequency skin tightening on the face is suitable for various skin types. The treatment targets the deeper layers of the skin, making it effective for different skin tones and textures.

Are the results of radio frequency skin tightening on the face long-lasting?

The results of radio frequency skin tightening on the face are long-lasting but not permanent. Natural ageing processes may continue over time, and maintenance sessions can help prolong the results. Following a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine can also maximise the longevity of the benefits achieved.

What’s the difference between Radio Frequency and HIFU?

Although HIFU and Radiofrequency have the same purpose of anti-aging and skin tightening, they are different in how they work. The choice between the two depends on the results you want to achieve.

HIFU uses intense ultrasound energy to deliver precise and deep tissue tightening. It can reach layers beyond the dermis (the deep skin layer), even reaching the SMAS layer (near the muscles). On the other hand, RF focuses on heating the skin in a broader way without going as deep as HIFU. It primarily targets the epidermal layers (superficial skin layer) and does not go beyond the deep dermis. HIFU is usually a one-time treatment, while RF may require multiple sessions.

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How to choose?

HIFU: If sagging is your main concern and you want a noticeable "lifting" effect, HIFU is a better choice. Its deep tissue tightening provides more prominent results. HIFU is ideal for tightening loose skin around the jowls, improving the appearance of a double chin, or lifting the brows.

Radio Frequency: RF is a less intense method that doesn't penetrate as deeply as HIFU. It is suitable for addressing volume loss or treating delicate areas like the upper and lower eyelids. If you have limited skin laxity but want to add more volume to your face, RF may be the preferred option. It tightens the skin and gives a plumping effect.

Both HIFU and Radiofrequency are effective anti-aging treatments. If you want to learn more about these options, feel free to book a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced professionals.