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Concerns skin tags

Most of us are familiar with these annoying little blemishes known as skin tags.

Although we recognise that they're not dangerous and are relatively unobtrusive when small, none of us like it when skin tags become caught in jewellery or rub on clothing.

They can also become unsightly, if they're left to grow to a larger size by which time they can be a real nuisance. Not to mention more difficult to remove.

Here at Perfection, our trained experts can remove skin tags for you quickly and easily so there never need to be a problem.

Why do we get skin tag tags?

Some people are more prone to develop skin tags than others simply due to genetics.

They can however occur due to frequent rubbing against the skin - jewellery is often a major culprit here.

They begin as nothing more than a small area of loose skin which then grow bigger unless treated earlier, with their shape and size varying considerably from one skin tag to the next.

What to expect during your treatment

Your therapist will remove the skin tags using our Touch Skin system. This is a simple, highly effective process using a small probe to cauterise the skin tag.
The blemish disappears almost immediately, and your skin will return to its normal appearance.

It's extremely quick, and our clients tell us that they experience nothing more than slight discomfort during this process.

You will probably notice small scabs or some dry red marks following your treatment.

These will be small in size and won't persist for usually more than seven to ten days.

You will be left with no scarring and of course there will be no sign of that the skin tag which was there to begin with.

The number of treatment sessions you will need depends on how many skin tags are being removed.

Before the treatment begins, you will attend a short consultation with your therapist who will let you know how everything will proceed.

This type of treatment is suitable for people of all skin types, and the results tend to be highly successful.

All treatments are based on suitability, medical questionnaire and consent.

We cannot guarantee the results of treatments, as these will differ on an individual basis with likely effectiveness to be discussed during initial consultation.

Permanent results are not guaranteed.

Skin Tag Treatments

Treatment Price
Blemish Removal (10 mins)
Blemish Removal (25 mins)

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