Spray Tanning

Spray tanning

Achieving the ultimate tan has never been so quick and easy. Our custom made heated tanning booth ensures the best tanning experience, whether you prefer a natural sun kissed glow or a darker distinctive result.

Available Tanning Solutions include Sienna X.

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Perfection's Advice for the Ultimate Tan...


  • DO lightly exfoliate your whole body twenty-four hours before treatment. Paying particular attention to elbows, knees, heels and any areas of hard skin. Do not apply any moisturiser after showering
  • DO completely remove make up, cosmetics, jewellery and all clothing
  • DO wear loose clothing to avoid your tan rubbing off and uneven tanning
  • DO wear dark or old underwear
  • DON’T shave or wax twenty-four hours before your tan


  • DON’T shower or take excessive exercise for at least six hours after tanning. DON’T bathe for twenty-four hours after your tan
  • DON’T shave for at least twelve hours after your tan as this has a similar effect to exfoliating
  • DO pumice soles of feet to remove any staining
  • DON’T use exfoliating facial washes or toner on the face for at least twenty-four hours after tanning
  • DO lightly exfoliate any areas of dry skin (i.e heels/elbows) to ensure your tan fades evenly
  • DO moisturise your skin daily using an oil free moisturiser for a longer lasting tan
  • DO use a suitable suntan lotion when in the sun as your spray tan will offer no protection from UV rays
  • DO have regular top up sessions as this will build and extend the life of your tan, some skin types may need more than others. To obtain a darker tan, repeat with an additional application after the original application has developed