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Price Increase

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There’s no doubt that you, our clients, are very worldly wise and will understand why we have to put our prices up.  We have had an increase in running cost: from product costs increasing, the cost of PPE that we traditionally used in treatments has increased dramatically, along with a scary cost of the additional PPE that we now need to use to stay safe and compliant.

We also have to take more time out between clients to clean and sanitise the working areas before the next client. This simply means that we will not be able to see as many clients or do as many treatments per day as we use to do, whilst carrying the burden of increased costs.  If our operating costs exceed our takings then we are in big trouble.

At Perfection we have always set ourselves twelve month targets, some years it is to concentrate on training, some years it is to introduce new treatments/new products/specialist equipment to the salon, some years it is about expansion and employing/training new therapists, and other years it was about leaning up and reducing fixed and variable costs.

Unfortunately for the first time ever, our aim for the next twelve months is simply to survive! It is no longer about training, expansion or profit.  We just want to be here next year and keep all of our staff employed.

It is going to be a challenge, not only have we got the financial hardships caused by Covid-19, we are also looking down the barrel of Brexit and the repercussions of that – it really is NOT a fantastic time to be running a business.

As I mentioned, we are unfortunately going to be putting our prices up to cover these additional operating costs.

This increase will be approximately 10%.

If 10% works out in practice to be the correct figure and keeps us solvent, then we will not change it. However if it is not enough, we will have no option but to increase it. Or if it is too high, we will reduce our prices accordingly.

We do not want to profiteer from this Covid-19 misery. We want to keep our business running and our staff employed whilst not compromising on the five star standards you are all used to.

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